Versa Fogger

A backpack ULV fogger, powered by a Honda 4 stroke motor. It comes with a flexi-hose with an adjustable flow rate nozzle. Fast, effective pest control and disinfectant applications.

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Fast, effective, economic, versatile & mobile ULV fogger

  • Lightweight
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Water, Oil, and Solvent Based Solutions
  • Comfortable Backpack Design
  • 45 Minute Run Time
  • 120cm Flexi-Hose 


Tank capacity 4 Litres
Flow Rate Up to 180ml/min
Droplet size 20 - 70 Microns (VMD)
Droplet Throw 7.5 Metres
Power Type Honda 4 Stroke Motor
Run Time 45 Minutes