Hurricane ES 230v electrostatic fogger

Hurricane ES 230V electrostatic fogger

High quality corded electrostatic fogger, fast and effective way to sanitise and decontaminate high touch surfaces and at risk areas.

Electrostatic technology for Better coverage, Stronger contact and More confidence

Developed and hand assembled in the USA, the Hurricane ES from Curtis Dyna-Fog uses electrostatic technology to give each droplet a small positive electrostatic charge. This technology allows for consistent coverage, better surface contact and optimum economy. Perfect for high touch surfaces, the Hurricane ES allows for quicker application time, more economy and less downtime, so you can get back to business with confidence.

  • High capacity charging system
  • Three precision nozzles for greater output capacity
  • Translucent corrosion and impact resistant tank
  • Stainless steel precision metering valve with filter
  • Adjustable locking device for angle settings
  • On/Off switch with light
  • CE certified and independently verified
  • 230 volts mains powered

Download data sheet

Click  here  to download the Hurricane ES user manual.


Tank size 3.8 litre
Flow Rate 0-120ml per minute
Droplet size 40 - 70 microns
Droplet throw 4.5 metres
Coverage 6.075m2/min
Formulations Water-based


Click  here  for the Hurricane ES technical data sheet.

Hurricane ES image grid

Hurricane ES image grid



Effective and easy to use

The fastest most effective way to sanitise and decontaminate at risk areas.