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Electrostatic fogging

Electrostatic fogging is the process of adding an electrical charge to liquid droplets released from a fogging machine. It is one of the fastest and most effective ways to sanitise any area.

When using the Hurricane ES, a positive electrostatic charge is administered to each tiny droplet released when in operation. This action has two effects on the droplets containing the active ingredient:

  1. Droplets with positive charges repel each other giving better dispersion and coverage
  2. Droplets with the positive charge make stronger and quicker contact than those from a standard non-electrostatic fogger

An electrostatic fogger can be used in various environments. Whether using it in warehouses, offices, hospitality, kitchens, or healthcare environments these versatile appliances, when used with an effective disinfectant, are safe and highly effective in eradicating viruses and bacteria.


Why use an electrostatic fogger? 

One of the many benefits of electrostatic spraying is that the electrostatically charged droplets resist joining into larger droplets on the treated surface, ensuring the optimal coverage required for an effective application. 

While the conventional fogging technique performs efficiently on horizontal surfaces, electrostatic foggers also perform effectively on vertical surfaces, as the charged droplets will adhere more consistently to vertical and horizontal surfaces when compared to droplets with no charge. 

In terms of economic benefits, the electrostatic application process takes less time to achieve the desired level of disinfection while significantly reducing cleaning costs. This is because an electrostatic fogger uses up less chemical and spreads more efficiently than conventional spraying methods.


Disinfection with an electrostatic fogger

In comparison with traditional disinfecting methods, i.e. spray bottle and cloth, electrostatic fogging is up to 20 times faster.

In terms of economic performance and optimum distribution, the Hurricane ES can cover up to 6m2 per minute. To put that into perspective, to thoroughly disinfect an 8m x 8m room, it would take around 10.5 minutes. 

Additionally, the actual quantity of disinfectant formulation used is also relatively low. Using Steri-7 Xtra concentrate disinfectant, the fogging ratio advised is 1:50 (2%) with water. Applying that ratio and filling the 3.8l formulation tank, you would only require 76ml of the disinfectant concentrate. 76ml can go a long way when using the Hurricane ES, for example, you would only need to use that much concentrate, with the remainder of the tank filled with water when cleaning a large office space of 26m x 8m.  


How does using an electrostatic fogger help in the fight against Covid-19?

Using an electrostatic fogger, such as the Hurricane ES, in conjunction with a disinfectant, can help in eradicating viruses and pathogens. When emitted through micron-sized droplets, the disinfectant particles can reach further and spread more evenly because of the electrostatic charge, meaning more sufficient coverage of infected areas. 

Our recommended disinfectant is Steri-7 Xtra which has been proven effective against types of coronaviruses, including COVID-19.


Electrostatic fogging vs a standard fogger machine

  • Standard fogging allows for more pooling and wastage of liquid as the droplets merge together instead of dispersing separately, thus meaning longer waiting times for formulations to dry or evaporate.
  • Electrostatic droplets are large enough not to linger in the air, this helps speed up the cleaning process and gets you back to work faster.
  • The electrostatic application process takes less time to achieve the desired level of disinfection while significantly reducing cleaning costs, as it uses up less chemical and spreads more efficiently than conventional spraying methods.


Is electrostatic fogging safe?

The Hurricane ES is extremely safe to operate, having both CE and UKCA certifications. This type of electrostatic fogging technology has been engineered by Curtis Dyna-Fog since the 1980s and has stood the test of time in proving it's effectiveness in various environments.

Any adult can operate this machine after having read and understood the safety protocols and instructions. In terms of being a trained professional, this may vary depending on what formulation you're using, and what you're using it for. For example, pest control and pesticides.

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