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Why The Hurricane ES Provides You With Optimum Coverage

What the Hurricane ES Coverage Data Tells Us

Electrostatic fogging with the Hurricane ES helps operators vastly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their cleaning regimes by allowing them to cover areas much faster and more efficiently.

This is because the electrostatic function of the Hurricane ES fogger gives the droplets it disperses a positive charge, which causes them to repel each other and spread more evenly. This allows the electrostatic fog generated by the Hurricane ES to cover larger surface areas without oversaturating them with excess cleaning formula.

Electrostatic fogging also outperforms non-electrostatic fogging when treating vertical surfaces such as walls and windows. The electrostatic fog wraps to these surfaces more consistently, which provides a better level of coverage.

Our coverage testing shows that, when operated at the flow rate of 112.2ml/min, the Hurricane ES covers 6.075 m2/min. This compares to 0.304 m2/min that is typically covered when cleaning by hand, meaning the use of electrostatic fogging cleans areas 20 times faster. Based on the results of our coverage test, a Hurricane ES fogger operating at a flow rate of 112.2ml/min would be able to fog an 8m x 8m classroom in just over 10 minutes. A 4m x 4m hotel room could be thoroughly cleaned using the electrostatic fogger in just over two minutes.

These efficiencies can bring clear benefits across a range of settings, reducing the time needed to sanitise areas so that they can be made available for reuse far quicker than before.

Coverage chart

In the above chart, the dosage rate of disinfectant per minute was 0.362ml (using Steri-7 Xtra Concentrate), over a complex surface area.

Electrostatic Fog – Going Further With Less

The Hurricane ES provides enhanced surface area coverage while using only a very small amount of cleaning concentrate – helping reduce costs and wastage. Our data shows that, compared to similar fogging products, the Hurricane ES uses the lowest level of undiluted chemical per m2.

Applied to our classroom example, this means that to produce the 1181.5ml of electrostatic fog required to clean the whole classroom in 10 minutes, only 23.6ml of Steri-7 Xtra cleaning concentrate is required.

In the context of cleaning a 4m x 4m hotel room, only 5.9ml of cleaning concentrate is needed. To fill a 3.8l formulation tank capable of cleaning a large office space of 26m x 8m, only 76ml of cleaning concentrate combined with water is needed.

This means that, as well as reducing the time needed to clean areas, the Hurricane ES helps cut down costs considerably by reducing the amount of cleaning concentrate required to thoroughly disinfect areas.