230V electrostatic fogger

The fastest and most effective way to sanitise and decontaminate at risk areas.

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Designed in the USA, made in the UK

2 year guarantee

Fast, effective and economical

Man in PPE operating fogger machine

Fogging and the fight against Covid-19

Fogging is one of the most effective ways to deep clean and rid areas of viruses and harmful germs.

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Close up of Hurricane fogger machine whilst active

High capacity charging system creates an electrostatic field

ULV droplets are positively charged for better dispersion and stronger surface contact.

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Surface contact of electrostatic fogging

Electrostatic technology, Better coverage, Stronger contact, More confidence

As pioneers in fogging technology, Curtis Dyna-Fog are always looking for new ways to improve and innovate.

Developed and hand assembled in America, the Hurricane ES from Curtis Dyna-Fog uses electrostatic technology to give each droplet a small electrostatic charge.

This technology allows for consistent coverage, better surface contact and optimum economy.

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What is fogging?

Fogging is the process of using large volumes of air at low pressure to transform liquids into tiny droplets that are dispersed into the atmosphere.

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Electrostatic fogging

The Hurricane ES high capacity charging system administers a positive electrostatic charge to each tiny droplet as they are propelled though the air at high speed.

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There are many extremely effective products available to protect against all pathogenic organisms, including Coronavirus. Here’s why we chose Steri-7.

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Effective and easy to use

The fastest most effective way to sanitise and decontaminate at risk areas.

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