Fogging - A Short Overview


What is Fogging?

It is a long-standing, tried, tested and effective method of sanitising and disinfecting areas. It uses a formulation sprayed from a fogging appliance to create fog-like mist in the room. It is a highly efficient and effective way to disinfect surfaces, difficult to reach areas, along with small and confined spaces.

How effective is fogging?

Fogging is effective because the droplets emitted from the appliance are not only micron-sized but widely dispersed. The method results in optimum coverage, which you can’t achieve with traditional cleaning methods.

How do you use a fogging machine?

Fogger machines can be hand-held or static, simply pour in your safety-approved and desired formulation and thoroughly fog the designated area (while adhering to the relevant PPE protocols).

Where can you use a fogging machine?

Fogging appliances can be used indoors or outdoors. They are diverse products that come in all shapes and sizes. Larger models can be used by farmers spraying pesticide on their crops. Smaller and more compact hand-held models are widely used in hospitals, hospitality businesses, or by cleaning businesses in offices or warehouses, among others.

When using foggers to clean large areas, they can be very effective. The Hurricane ES, for example, is up to 20x faster than manual cleaning methods.

What PPE and RPE do I need to wear when fogging?

Requirements for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) will vary depending on the application scenario, location and the chemical agent being used. Always read the chemical product label for information on what PPE & RPE to wear for the application.

For example;

When doing routine precautionary disinfection fogging applications in open plan and well ventilated domestic or commercial areas, read the product instructions and guidance and wear at least a disposable face mask and eye protection. Alternatively when doing a disinfection fogging application in a medical or known virus scenario, read the product instructions and guidance, wearing of full PPE and RPE is recommended.

Also give consideration to the length of time you will be fogging and may be exposed to the chemical agent. Always read instructions and guidance on the chemical label. 

Our recommended disinfectant solution is Steri-7. Find the Steri-7 Technical Information here. 

For more information on PPE & Fogging can be found on the HSE website.