About us


Curtis Dyna-Fog,  Ltd. was founded  in 1947 in Dayton, Ohio by Russell R. Curtis and his father  W.H. Curtis. Originally named Curtis Automotive Devices, they specialised in manufacturing valves for the automotive and aircraft industry.

In 1952 Curtis Automotive Devices began producing other types of components for the aircraft industry and began doing some development work using acquired Pulse-Jet Engine Technology.

After years of refining existing designs, by 1954 the first commercially available Pulse-Jet mosquito fogger (The Curtis Junior Model) was being produced. In the first year more than 500 machines were sold throughout the country. By 1956, more than 4000 machines were being produced each year.

Step forward into the 1980’s, and the continually expanding Curtis Dyna-Fog began engineering the state of the art electrostatic fogging technology. From this, the Hurricane ES fogger was developed. To this day the product has garnered popularity in the market for its effective and economic dispersion, as well as it’s easy to use, hand-held style

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hurricane ES fogger has never been more vital in helping eliminate areas of bacteria and viruses. However, this versatile product can also be used in the treatment of insecticides and pesticides.